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Reel Stunts Productions

Reel Stunts Productions was established in 1982, and continues to provide the television and film industry with quality action by design, drawing from a talent pool of stunt performers who are second to none in the world.

As a produced screenwriter, producer, film director, stunt coordinator, stuntman and actor, Randy Butcher, founder and president of Reel Stunts Productions, has found his experience and responsibilities having literally run the gamut.From playing the part of a grunting thug falling down a flight of stairs to rigging a life-threatening stunt to be performed by another, to rewriting a crucial scene on set to directing his California star through a challenging dialogue scene, he's been there. He is an authoritative decision-maker, and his affable people skills, combined with his energetic nature, are empowering to others.

And lastly, at Reel Stunts Productions, we think SAFTEY FIRST!